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Failing to Meet Deadlines (thoughts + the music in the background)

(Alice Cooper – Ballad of Dwight Fry)

Alright, so maybe I haven’t tried hard enough. And now I’ve run out of time. This is one deadline that’s now even mathematically impossible to meet. So now what? I usually just give up, but this one time giving up is an option I don’t have.

(Def Leppard – White Lightning)

“Life is a long lesson in humility” - humiliation in my case (funny I first heard this saying from… a football coach). So now what? I guess it’s back to work. No, I don’t believe in miracles, I don’t believe I’m going to make it. But I still hope… because I want it so badly.

(Guns n’ Roses – Dead Horse)

But if I want it so bad, why am I not trying harder? Argh! Until Monday evening… three more days… maybe… no, you know it’s impossible. But still it’s back to work. I’ve wasted enough time tonight.

(Children of Bodom – In Your Face)

2 pareri la Failing to Meet Deadlines (thoughts + the music in the background)

  • cine: krossfire delete comment icon
    Eu am un deadline care se poate lasa cu o restanta la practica, so it kinda sucks...
  • cine: brontozaurel delete comment icon
    trist... in cazul meu nu s-a intamplat nimic, a fost bine asa cum a fost... am ramas doar cu un gust amar stiind ca puteam sa fi facut mult mai mult :|

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