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Come Out and Play

... is an album by Twisted Sister. Cannot compare with the monster album Stay Hungry, it features an awful cover (Leader of the Pack). However, I happen to like the album cover and the video for Be Chrool to Your Scuel (pity it was banned at the time as it was considered too violent... yeah, right).

Anyway, this little bit was just to explain what my mind cannot help associating this title with. I'm pissed-off-istic, as usual. By the way, I first heard that word in an Alice Cooper song (Pessi-Mystic off the 2000 album Brutal Planet).

I'm great when it comes to digressing, am I not? Hmph... Some people think they can really learn a programming language by reading the same ol' book over and over again. Concepts will eventually sink in, right? Wrong! To learn a programming language, you have to... come out and play! You have to try to have fun with it, experiment as much as possible. Of course you'll get a shitload of errors and then you'll have to understand what is it exactly that you're doing wrong, try to fix it. You won't really manage to do that the first time round, so you'll have to try again and again and again and again and again... And then pester people to test your programs, maybe they can discover bugs that you just cannot find. You have to like it, to be able to just lose yourself in it... to start working on something in the morning and just go on without noticing how time passes by...

I must have been awful when I started learning Java. No internet for me back then, so all I could do was send Alex text messages... really, really stupid questions (a text box and a button were really, really big things for me back then... I didn't know anything)... sometimes even really late at night.

I'm damn curious how many mistakes (spelling, punctuation... whatever) have sneaked into this post - am I tipsy enough to fuck things up even when writing in English?

nici o parere la Come Out and Play

Da, ma intereseaza si parerea ta!

Mai jos se pot scrie tampenii. Nu mai mari ca alea de mai sus...
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